The one and mine Day 7 (15 pics)

There are times when you plan a shoot, book the stuido and then… «Bam!», model can’t appear on that date! So what is it then? Quit for the day? Pick some other time? Waste the booking alltogether?
Quite a bummer to think over, but in my case I had my very sweet model to pose for me, that being my awsome wife!


Since the there are quite a few sets done that day and it’s all christmas-like time, I’ve decided that I will post 2 pictures from the set each day untill Xmas! Should be fun and will sure pump up my editing skills. So keep checking out, leave comments and overall keep in touch!



In case you where wondering about a green present — it means that there will be an additional interesting image posted!
Also, the next set is comming up next!

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