SONY a7 tethering and Windows 10

Meh, isn’t that frustrating, when one day you decide to tether your Sony camera (A7R in here) and it just won’t work? Well, what do you do to find a fix? Google it!

Faulty USB port, wrong cable, software bug needing reset… how the hell are you supposed to find anything in this mess when you don’t even know why it went wrong all of a sudden?!!

Well, apparently most of the sollutions to the problem if you’re a windows user aren’t gona do jack.

But thank god that world wide web gave birth to a thing called reddit. Apparently the solution is simple and it’s described by a user AugDim in the thread here , which basically tells you, that the cause of your problem is Microsoft with it’s Windows. Yeah, apprently Windows at one point or another wanked too much with registry and made your camera be idle. Yeah. Idle.

Just turning a 1 didgit into 0 in regedit and a restart makes the camera connect to RCC.
I guess it can be a bit of a downer for people like me which don’t tether a lot, and can’t pinpoint that “after that specific windows update my RCC got screwed over”, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that such crap happens.

But anyway, in conclusion – reddit your problems and keep an eye on Win! ;3

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