Photoshoot with Daria in 8bitstudio

A set of photos done with Daria at 8bitstudio in Moscow.
First time visiting that studio. It’s located in an easy to get place close to main transportation lines. Quite a few other studios are located in the same an close by buildings. As of the studio itself – it’s somewhat pleasant, the rooms are nice and the staff works well. As of bad things: the studio is located on 3rd floor with a narrow staircase leading up. Getting my equipment up the stairs was a pain in the ass. Also ventilation system is somewhat ass as well. It’s just a few tubes blowing from above with little to no option to shut it down, so it’s been a bit chilly in there while the shoot took place.

But anyway the job’s been done well, even though the model was almost an hour late. It’s a pity, since we could’ve shot much more if we had that lost time.

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