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Set of Annah

Shots of wonderoud Annah done for Gothic Lolita Fest 2016 in Moscow, Russia. Working on those pieces was interesting and pleasing. The studio was fun to work in, altough it was quite difficult to get […]

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BW Mathilda photos

A few more shots from lovely Mathilda set. Was resting and thinking over them and decided that BW would work better for them in the end.

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Glamour photoshoot of Mathilda.

Had a very nice shoot of Mathilda recently, using mostly natural light and some dedolights. This part is one of my favourites of the set. I really like the contrast due to strong noon sunshine […]

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Rias Gremory

Decided to shoot this wonderfull castoff Rias figure from Highschool DxD. Her personality is quite charming and her body is rather sweet, as you can see further. ;3    

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A test shooting of a 3 light setup. Mia, my wifes cat, was used as a subject.  

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Xrite calibration “hurt” on MSI

Meh, it’s been almost 2 month since I tried to calibrate my new MSI laptop. The old one got… well… old, so I decided to get a new one! A new one with some gaming […]

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Kitsune of Golden City

A wonderfull set of my wife wearing her stunning wedding dress along with her ears and tail. The weather was quite cold during the set, but it sure was worth it!

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Shots of the week (25.01-31.01)

A small spoiler bunch of shots of kitties and foxes from marvelous Golden City!  

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Shots of the week (18.01-24.01)

Starting a series of weekly shots I’ll be posting in my blog, outside specific sets.  

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Having a shot of marvelous Suigntou with some flame was going around my head for quite some time now and finaly it happened and here it is! Working with flame is kinda tricky, especially solo, […]

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