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Photoshoot of Glamour Slavicat

A short while ago, prior to getting ill, I went over to a local patch of forest to shoot some cats, Slavicat cats. This particular one is Glamour Slavicat in his marvelous golden colors. Broncolors […]

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It’s been some time since I took notice of those nifty lamps. So retro, so hot, so… so OLDSCHOOL! So then I had those images in my head brewing, to have this sort of bulbs […]

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When you’re looking for that feline word

Sometimes holding a small collection of dictionaries is a plus. Opening one of those every once in a while on a random page can surprise you with lack of knowledge you’ve got on the chosen […]

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Summer break’s over!

Well well, It’s been a nice 3 month of rest and relaxation to start a bright and inspiring line of work! Actually no, not so much rest was done. Some construction done, driving around, etc… […]

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Photoshoot with Daria in 8bitstudio

A set of photos done with Daria at 8bitstudio in Moscow. First time visiting that studio. It’s located in an easy to get place close to main transportation lines. Quite a few other studios are […]

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New sets of Migma and Billian!

Hi there again! After a certain masterclass by Ilona Pulkstene, I’ve decided to put more work on the shots I’ve been doing, so the shots from now on will surely be getting better and better! […]

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Kimono sets by Itchiku Kubota

Well, well, it’s that time of the month when you want to go back and check out all those images you never got your hands on. So while looking through my archive I’ve found a […]

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SONY a7 tethering and Windows 10

Meh, isn’t that frustrating, when one day you decide to tether your Sony camera (A7R in here) and it just won’t work? Well, what do you do to find a fix? Google it! Faulty USB […]

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The one and mine Day 7 (15 pics)

There are times when you plan a shoot, book the stuido and then… «Bam!», model can’t appear on that date! So what is it then? Quit for the day? Pick some other time? Waste the […]

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Rita the Witch

A halloween set which was made for Rita a short while ago. I took some time (yeah, I need to start doing shots earlier for certain events) but while thinking it over I experimented with […]

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